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the stewman family | feb. 2018

As I've mentioned before, I owe a serious debt of gratitude to friends of mine who call year after year after year to do their family photos for keeping my side hustle afloat. When it comes to unwavering support, a gold freaking star has to go to the Stewman family.

From maternity photos to newborn visits and some of my favorite family shots (seriously, they're plastered all over my website), sessions with the Stewmans are always an great time. Our annual family photo sessions have quickly become some of my favorites - it's been so fun to capture the boys' funny, outgoing, animated and silly personalities over the years.

Our 2019 session took us to the Museum of Good Vibes installation in Westport (their Spring Break-themed exhibits are booking online now) which is an Instagram-lovers dream come true with bright walls, piles of confetti, ball pit and more. In a surprise to absolutely no one, the boys were more than happy to throw handfuls of confetti directly at the camera and then onto mom and dad.

Now, you know you've had a great session when you find yourself laughing through the edits - especially when spotting random hands and feet sticking out from shots taken in the ball pit!

And no session with the Stewman family is complete without a least one "crazy face".

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