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senior photo season

Spring has finally appeared in Kansas City which means that it's time to hop into senior portrait session season!

It's been long enough that I don't remember what I did for an invitation to my graduation party or as decorations (other than lots and lots of purple - go State!), but have noticed the growing trend of using senior portraits as the invitation and as part of a larger high school photography collage to display at the party.

The other thing I've noticed? Girls come to these sessions WITH. A. DAMN. PLAN. They have Pinterest ideas, multiple outfits and requests for several locations or, in the case of my Little from Big Brothers Big Sisters, several seasons. The boys, however, are dragged there against their will by a mom who will spend most of the session begging for "one decent smile, pleeeeease". In those cases, I do my best to keep the sessions as short and painless as possible 😉

Senior photos are such fun sessions to do, but can also make you feel like you're getting seriously old. My Little, for example, was only nine when we met and is now just weeks away from graduating. Another session from last spring was with a high school senior by the name of Jack, who I used babysit as a newborn when I was a high school student.

Interested in learning more about scheduling a senior photo session? Message me for details!

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