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rowan is one | feb. 2019

Hi, can we talk about this freaking baby?

Just because I can (and I wasn't blogging when they were taken), here are a few favorites from Ro's six month session last summer.

This is Rowan. She is the tiny human created by my college roommate/one of my best friends/fellow trouble-maker and her husband. Rowan is one of those "trap babies" that you hear about that makes even the most staunchly not-having-babies people think "well, having one like that wouldn't be so bad." She's super chill, she's adorable and she occasional squawks like a pterodactyl which I find hilarious and charming.

Ro recently celebrated her 1st birthday with a "what a one-derful world"-themed party. Her mom, Lara, always in for a good branded event, decorated the house with rainbow sprinkles, fluffy clouds and roses all inspired by lyrics from "What a Wonderful World".

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