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lamonie | senior portraits

I met Lamonie just a few days before her 10th birthday when we were officially matched through Big Brothers Big Sisters Kansas City and, here we are, over eight years later and she's just turned 18, months away from graduating from high school and getting ready to pick a college. In fact, she and I are spending the next few weekends together visiting the schools she's been accepted to in order to narrow down the selection to "the one". It's still so crazy to me that this tiny, shy little thing that I met all those years ago has turned into such a smart, motivated, beautiful young woman who, I think, may be taller than me at any minute.

When we talked about doing her senior pictures, Lamonie had trouble deciding what season she wanted to do after being overwhelmed with the options presented on Pinterest. Simple solution, I told her. We'll just do them all.

We took advantage of sunset on a late fall afternoon to get shots with the beautiful turning leaves in Swope Park and at the Nelson and braved bitter cold and a foot of snow to tackle winter. After all of this snow, I'm already excited to see what we can make happen this spring and summer:

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